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Many IT organizations are faced with growing business demands and are working to deliver application services faster. With Red Hat's award-winning, private PaaS, OpenShift Enterprise, your organization can do just that—develop apps faster to meet the demands of the business.

Explore the two interactive guides below. Choose to learn all about OpenShift by starting with how it works, or jump ahead to find out how OpenShift Enterprise's automation technologies can standardize and streamline your developer workflows.


Learn how the OpenShift architecture provides a highly secure and efficient multi-tenant cloud application platform built on a proven stack of open source technologies.

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Learn how developers can easily use the self-service OpenShift PaaS platform to accelerate their application development workflow.

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Developer Workflow

Create application.

Use web console, Eclipse IDE, or command-line to create a new application and OpenShift will spin up a gear where that application will run.

Create application

Configure gear.

When you create your application, you also select from your choice of programming language, database, or other services via OpenShift cartridges. This can include your own favorite technologies via the custom cartridge capability.

Install cartridges

Code and push.

OpenShift uses git for managing code inside of the platform. Simply perform a "git push" to deploy your code to your application.

Deploy code
git / ssh

Build, test, publish. Automatically.

OpenShift automates the process with other tools such as Maven (Java builds), Jenkins (CI), and Apache (HTTP).

Complete build

OpenShift automates application scaling.

Using an HA-Proxy software load-balancer, OpenShift will horizontally scale the application with increasing load.

Enable scaling Scale

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